Angebote Phönix VermarktungsAgentur

Support for businesses/traders

Our clients are predominantly commercial enterprises from a wide range of industries as well as commercial and development banks. We also act for insurance companies, liquidators of companies and for court-appointed insolvency administrators and other secured creditors.

Within the scope of our activities for our clients, we not only make use of the extensive and cross-sector network at our disposal, but also make use of the possibilities of direct marketing as well as marketing via corresponding – in part also internationally established – internet marketing portals.

We are also happy to coordinate the sale of your goods in the case of existing surplus stocks or surpluses from the production of your company or from trade.

In this way, you create valuable storage space for new goods and capitalise on the goods you want to sell.

Take advantage of our competence, our expertise and our network to achieve the best possible proceeds for your assets. We would be happy to meet you in person at our business premises in Magdeburg to get to know each other.

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