Gewerbetreibende Phönix VermarktungsAgentur

Our Offers

The Phönix Marketing Agency supports clients in the marketing/sale of commercial real estate, machinery, mechanical equipment, tools and other assets. The following assets are currently on offer:

PVA Maschinen

Machinery/ mechanical Equipment

Machines, machine systems, peripheral devices, accessories and much more.

PVA Angebote für technisches Zubehör

Technical accessories

Electronic components, electrical goods, tools, spare parts, accessories and much more.


Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate, production halls, warehouses

PVA Angebote für Fahrzeuge



Automobiles, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, forklifts, agricultural machinery and much more.

PVA Angebote für Waren-Insolvenzwaren

Goods/ Insolvency goods

Merchandise, industrial goods, remaining stock, lifestyle products and much more.

You can also find our current offers in our shops:

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